One comment on “Brazilian Days (295): October 22

  1. To compensate for the losses, 70 billion tomans (about 19,000 dollars) have been authorized last 12 months,
    but nothing has been allotted to date. This yr we additionally had 30 billion tomans
    (about 8,000 dollars) in injury in Iranshahr and the encompassing cities, however to date no fee has been made,” he added. A member of the Iranian regime’s parliament from the town of Iranshahr in southeastern Iran has lately mentioned, “3,000
    villages of Sistan & Baluchistan Province lack any drinking water network”. 343 water sources for villages in Sistan & Baluchistan have completely dried up,” said The Director
    of Villages’ Water and Sewage in Sistan and Baluchistan Province.
    Regi also mentioned that 3,024 villages lack any form of water delivery: “Potable water for these villages is supplied by tankers… Yet again 348 water delivery methods for the villages of Sistan & Baluchistan have become inactive,” he mentioned.
    “1,200 villages in this province have water delivered with trucks,” stated Mohammad Naeim Amini-Fard in an interview with the state ISNA news agency.
    “The monitoring of drinking water and meals safety are among the many duties of the University of Medical Sciences, and in gentle of current situations, we will probably face problems,”
    Dr. Iraj Nazari said.

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